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Link to our Datacentre We have the unique offering of allowing you to have an established link to our Datacentre. 
Outsourcing This total care package features a 24/7 monitoring, analysis and escalation service based on alerts and early warning data received from our software.
Disaster Recovery Planning When properly planned and implemented, a disaster recovery plan makes possible the retrieval of lost data and the resumption of system operations.
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Monday January 16 , 2017
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Our unique appeal is that we are the only IT Company with the ability to provide a complete end to end, flexible technology solution for organisations of any size. Regardless of whether you wish to completely free yourself from IT responsibility or just need some advice, we have the extensive experience and skills to help you improve your situation and save money. You too can have your IT support, ISP, hardware supplier and Datacentre provider all available from one group. 


We attribute our success to always presenting a viable business model, not just IT solutions to our clients. We do not have internal sales targets so we are not always encouraging you to spend. We prefer to build very long term relationships with our clients. Our original clients still engage us more than a decade after signing up. We believe every IT purchase should be accompanied by a compelling business case to justify the change.


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“Set your business apart... why not Outsource?”


There are many reasons that companies may choose to outsource. Outsourcing allows your company to focus your energies on what you are good at. By allowing Working Technology to apply our experience, resources and proven processes to your job, your company will have access to:


·          Cost Savings;

·          Reduced Capital Expenditures;

·          Improvement in Quality;

·          Access to Knowledge;

·          Operation Expertise;

·          Risk Management.




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Can you function without email?

There are literally dozens of steps in the path an email takes between the sender and the message arriving in your inbox. Would your business survive without email? 

Intranet Sites

Create a personalised intranet site tailored to your needs - organise a free demo today.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services. Basically, you can plug into anything you need over the internet. 

Server Failure

Many people believe that having a backup means that if you have a server failure you will be up and running again quickly.

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